Writing to Remember

Writing to Remember

Record a Lifetime of Memories as You Go

I am a visual learner, which means I remember things better when I write them down or see a picture. I have a feeling that many of us who love to write and sketch in notebooks are visual types.
For years I’ve kept journals in an effort to remember certain times in my life. When each of my kids was born, I started a designated journal to record all the wonderful and amazing things they did and said as they were growing up. Now that they are older, they love to hear all the funny things they did when they were very small. When they are grown, I hope their children enjoy hearing what their parents were like as little kids.

Archival quality Paper

The thing about writing to preserve memories over a lifetime (or longer) is that you can’t use just any notebook. You must use an archival quality book to make sure what you’ve written is preserved for all time and won’t fade after a few years.
This is what I love about Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks. Leuchtturm has been making archival storage systems for coin and stamp collectors for nearly 100 years, so they know a lot about archiving.
Leuchtturm notebooks are designed to allow you to easily access your writings for decades to come. The pages are numbered, and there’s an index in the front of the book so you can reference any page easily. Included with the book are stickers to label the spine and cover, so you can find the correct book easily on your shelf. The archival paper will preserve your writing and sketches for generations.
For those of us who write to remember, it’s important to use the right tools so that decades later we can relive those memories that have shaped our lives.

Post by Laurie from Plannerisms.com

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