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      Experience a better notepad: Rhodia Notepads

      Shop for Rhodia Notepads and save yourself the frustration and embarrassments of the mundane dime a dozen writing or legal pads. Rhodia has been the standard since 1934 against which all other writing pads are measured. Manufactured with care in France, a Rhodia notebook has all the the right ingredients. Each notepad has a coated water repellent cardboard cover and a stiff cardboard back, that makes writing or drawing without a desk a snap. Its exceptionally smooth acid free vellum paper makes sure your notes will be easy to read many years down the road and micro perforated pages ensure easy and clean removal.

      How to order: Rhodia gives each pad a number that corresponds to a specific size. If you are sure of the size (you can find it on the back cover of each Rhodia) simply select the image below that corresponds to the size and pad number you need. If you are not sure on size and want to explore what is available select by Notepad type to browse our collection.