Reviving an Old Halloween Tradition

Reviving an Old Halloween Tradition

Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

We recently visited a pumpkin patch and the pumpkins we picked are now on display on our front porch. The prickly stems, the slight creepiness of the Pumpkin patch itself, what if those vines came alive! and above all the enthusiasm of our kids got me in a Halloween mood.
All of a sudden you seem to notice Halloween everywhere especially in front of the racks holding Rhodia Notepads, Orange and Black everywhere! Now at first blush Love Notebooks is not exactly your home for Halloween merchandise, but sometimes, especially around Halloween, you need to dig a little deeper...

Writing Halloween stories can be a family tradition just like the pumpkin patch


Sharing Scary Stories

So much of Halloween revolves around scary stories, mostly other peoples stories on TV, the movies and yes books. In our busy lives we often have to set our own creativity aside and purchase someone elses already fully imagined one. Instead of making our own costume we purchase one off the rack. This made me wonder what happened to the scary stories people made up themselves about the ramshackle house down the street, the spider that kept on growing and the neighbors cat?

Consume or Create Stories?

Not too long ago  kids often recited a scary story or song to get their treat. Families made  up and shared their own scary stories. Could this be the Halloween where we designate a family journal and write down our own scary Halloween stories. It will be a fun activity with the kids. Each can write their own or can add to a story already started by the previous writer. Decorating a simple black journal will make the fun complete. This can be the start of a new fun family tradition. A notebook to add to and share with family and friends for years to come.

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