City Notebooks Europe

City Notebooks Europe


      "For every traveller who has any taste of his own, the only useful guidebook will be the one which he himself has written" Aldous Huxley

      Moleskine City Notebooks for many of the worlds most exiting cities. Create a keepsake, share your experiences with family and friends. Explore your own city as never before. Wonderful resource for your guests; each new guest will expand on the adventures of those who visited before them. The possibilities are endless. A guidebook that will not get out of date. Makes a great gift

      Moleskine City Notebooks Europe. Great cities you always wanted to visit (again) A city Notebook is the perfect start toward planning your trip. All City Notebooks have these great features:

      • 228 pages of acid free paper
      • Book is thread bound and opens flat
      • Elastic closure
      • City maps, overall city layout and more detailed maps by section and an extensive alphabetical street index.
      • Public transportation info map, zones and routes/lines
      • The City Notebook has up to 76 blank pages for notes
      • 96 page personal archive with 12 tabs, 6 of the tabs are printed and 6 can be personalized with enclosed adhesive labels
      • 32 removable pages for exchanging notes
      • 12 stick on traceable sheets. Traceable sheets are great to lay on top of maps and trace the routes to and from the places you love.
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