Hand Stitched Tiffany Journals


      Paperblanks Ultra, Tiffany Leaded Glass

      If you’ve ever dreamed of adorning your home with Tiffany glass, here’s your chance. Paperblanks has captured Louis Comfort Tiffany’s lifelong “pursuit of beauty” in this elegant Tiffany Leaded Glass series.

      An American artist and designer, Tiffany (1848-1943) was the son of the famed jeweler and best known for his stained glass work. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, the designer used colorful, opalescent glass in various textures to create his unique, asymmetric windows and lamps. Moved by color and inspired by nature, Tiffany often rooted flowers and plants in his designs. Equally invested in design unity, he melded the supporting leading into his landscapes where they surfaced as stems and trunks, for example.

      Paperblanks’ embossed journal covers reflect Tiffany’s genius for color and timeless design. Even the magnetic closures have been thoughtfully positioned to emulate the designer’s lead work.

      Open a new, brilliant window to your writing with one of these radiant journals.

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