Moleskine Classic Pocket

Moleskine Classic Pocket


      Moleskine Classic Pocket Journal

      To understand the Moleskine Mystique you have to start here: the original Moleskine hard cover travel journal.

      This pocket sized journal, gives you the freedom to jot down your observations, plans and art wherever you are without the need to rummage through your bags. Its size and binding is similar to that of the notebooks found in museums and in collections of great writers and artists like Van Gogh, Hemingway and Matisse.

      The size of these notepads where roughly equal to the pocket in a gentleman's shirt or coat, thanks to their round corners these notebooks still fit in most shirt pockets without catching. The simplicity and quality has given Moleskine journals a loyal following of creative professionals and students around the world.

      Tactile and desirable, the Moleskine Pocket Journal is the perfect travel companion, everything you need in a notebook and nothing you don't. You will quickly discover that the Moleskine Pocket Journal is a tool you cannot be without as you move through your day.