Paperblanks Address Books

Paperblanks Address Books


      Paperblanks Address and Password Books

      All your favorite Paperblanks styles are now available as address books. Elegant and easy to use layout gets you quickly to what you are looking for. Of course as usual Paperblanks quality and finish is top notch.

      We love the modern application as a great way of storing all your login information and passwords alphabetically. Liven up your address book by adding a date to each entry and maybe a location and it becomes a personal history book. Bring a Paperblanks address book to a big event, seminar or trade show and keep all your follow up contained in one little book, with all your loose business cards and notes safely stored away in the fabric and cardboard pocket on the inside back cover. Did we mention phones die and computers crash, but address books with acid free paper and sturdy covers will stand the test of time.

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