Paperblanks Black Moroccan

Paperblanks Black Moroccan


      Paper Blanks Old Leather Black Moroccan Collection Notebooks and Guest Books

      These terrific notebooks look like wonderful Antique Leather Journals gently worn over time. Each book's cover is inspired by Moroccan Manuscripts that found their way to Europe during the Renaissance via the bustling trade routes from the Far and Middle East. The Moroccan Manuscripts were prized for their fine leather, hand tooled in gold with delicate foliage patterns, giving the books an elegance and simplicity not seen before in Europe.

      A Paperblanks Notebook looks and feels great and when you open the book the off white sustainable forest paper is easy on the eyes and ink. Each journal exudes quality and attention for detail. Paperblanks covers are not leather instead they are ingenious reproductions created with today's most advanced printing and debossing techniques. Each book is smythe sewn and opens flat.

      Paperblanks sophisticated Black Moroccan journals are a delightful, affordable luxury, that makes putting pen to paper a joy. Black Moroccan Journals and guest books show off effortless taste and are sure to impress.