Paperblanks Brian Froud's Faerie

Paperblanks Brian Froud's Faerie


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      Paperblanks celebrates the art of the highly celebrated English fantasy illustrator Brian Froud.  He was born in 1947 and attended Maidstone College of Art in the southeast of England. Froud lives and works in Devon with his wife Wendy, who is also a fantasy doll maker and their son Toby is a fellow master puppeteer and creature artist. For over 35 years, Froud has been regarded as the preeminent faerie artist in the world and an authority on faeries and faerie lore. Brian Froud was the lead designer on the Jim Henson films Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal in which his son Toby is the baby held by David Bowie. His son Toby is currently in charge of production design on the Netflix series The Dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance. Paperblanks Brian Frouds journal covers encourage bravery and comfort with the unknown and magical.

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