Paperblanks Charlie Chaplin

Paperblanks Charlie Chaplin


      Paperblanks Charlie Chaplin, Notes For The Great Dictator

      Paperblanks celebrates Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) with a collection of Notebooks, a Document Folder, Manuscript Box and Pencil Case.

      The English actor, filmmaker and composer became a silent film era super star with his tramp character. He used his first talky, The Great Dictator, to satirize Hitler Germany. The well known final speech, where Chaplin mocked Hitler has been reproduced on the cover of the notebooks, manuscript box and pencil case by Paperblanks. The back cover of the notebooks, Document Folder, pencil case and manuscript box show a duotone art of Charlie Chaplin's famous tramp character.

      Find inspiration in one of the most important figures in the history of film and release your creative genius with the new Paperblanks Charlie Chaplin collection.

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