Paperblanks Daphnis & Chloe

Paperblanks Daphnis & Chloe


      Paperblanks Daphnis and Chloe Collection of Journals

      Paperblanks Daphnis and Chloe journals are inspired by Love and Timeless Romance.  The original story was composed by the 2nd century Greek author Longus, a freedman of a Roman family.  Daphnis and Cloe were fictional naive lovers against all odds.  Their story inspired the film "The Princess Bride".  In the end, love conquers and they are happily wedded. 

      Our Paperblanks Daphnis and Chloe covers have orange and purple designs to represent joy, warmth, freedom and creavtivity.  The Purple, color for Chloe evokes wisdom and calm, dignity and mystery.

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