Paperblanks Foiled

Paperblanks Foiled


      Paper Blanks Old Leather Foiled notebooks and guest books

      Renaissance manuscripts re-imagined!

      These intricate geometric patterns made their way from the middle east to Europe during the renaissance, reflecting the advanced math and geometric principles that fired up a reborn European thirst for science and knowledge. Ever more beautiful designs were added in gold leaf to fine hand tooled leather covers that graced and protected the books and manuscripts that contained the (re) discovered knowledge and art of the renaissance.

      Paperblanks out did themselves when they combined their dedication to centuries old book binding techniques with the ultra modern imprinting and debossing techniques that make their incredible journal covers possible. The result are journals and guest books of uncompromising quality that capture the look and feel of the beautifully foiled manuscripts of a bygone era. You will treasure these journals, but their is no need to be precious about them as their sturdy construction and rugged covers stand up to intensive everyday use. A delight for the senses and a pleasure to write in everyday.

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