Paperblanks Grolier Ornamentali

Paperblanks Grolier Ornamentali


      Grolier Ornamentali Paperblanks Journal Collection

      Understated elegance. That’s what comes to mind when looking at the Grolier Ornamentali Paperblanks journal collection. Inspired by a series commissioned by Jean Grollier, one of history’s most astute book collectors, the journals are made of gold tooled, marbled brown leather. They feature a six pointed star enveloped by an interlaced, curving design of single line fillets and floral tools.

      Grolier was a man of arts and letters, passionate about books for their literary value and beautiful form. His library included the Greek and Latin classics, the works of contemporary philosophers and learned men, historians, geographers and archaeologists. At the time of his death, his collection was known to be one of the greatest and most extensive libraries in the world. He had many of the books reprinted on fine paper, the covers painted in gold and gilded with delicacy, and the bindings executed with precision and beauty.

      Only Paperblanks, known for their elegantly designed and hand bound journals, could pay homage to Grolier so well. Why not add one of these treasures to your own personal library?

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