Paperblanks Gutenberg Bible

Paperblanks Gutenberg Bible


      Paperblanks Gutenberg Bible Journal Collection

      An Ecclesiastic Masterwork

      Shop the complete collection of Paperblanks Gutenberg Bible Notebooks and Pencil Case. The Gutenberg Bible is one of the earliest mass-produced books in human history.  Only 49 copies of the two-volume Latin Bible survive today.  In the 15th century Johannes Gutenberg invented printing from movable or reproducible type.  Gutenberg's new techniques enabled the creation of his famed 42-line Bible and his invention made it possible to reprint the work of scribes. 

      Paperblanks Gutenberg Bible journals reproduces two designs created by German Artist Gisela Maschmann, who has modeled her miniature paintings on a volume of Gutenberg's ecclesiastic masterwork now housed in the Berlin State Library.

      A must have for a modern scribe of letters and scholars of faith.