Paperblanks Hand Tooled

Paperblanks Hand Tooled


      Paper Blanks Old Hand Tooled Leather Collection

      Prized renaissance book covers re-imagined as finely crafted journals!

      During the renaissance fine hand tooled leather from the middle east made its way to Europe and was highly priced for its simplicity and delicate finish with intricate geometric designs.

      Paperblanks hand tooled leather Journals and Guest Books have covers, that are imprinted and debossed to recreate the look and feel of a hand tooled leather renaissance manuscript complimented by a soft delicate gold leaf border. Their dedication to solid centuries old bookbinding techniques combined with durable covers, creates journals and guest book of lasting value.

      The hand tooled collection has been made to serve you as a trusted dependable friend. Smythe sewn with a hard cover made out of recycled European binder board and fine off white, acid free paper from sustainable resources, make these journals a joy to own and use every day.

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