Paperblanks Hunt Lenox Globe

Paperblanks Hunt Lenox Globe


      Paperblanks Hunt Lenox Globe Collection of Journals

      Three Journals and a Pencil Case with Cover Designs Based on the Odest Globe to Depict The Americas

      The Paperblanks Hunt Lenox Globe Collection is another product of the fruitful collaboration between Paperblanks and The Treasures of the New York Public Libarary Collection.

      The Hunt Lenox Globe is just 112mm in diameter and dates back to about 1510. The continents on this ancient globe are shown in copper relief. The globe is the oldest known globe to show the Americas and one of only two historical maps using the phrase "HC SVNT DRACONES" Here be dragons which feels very Game of Thrones. Paperblanks has re-created the relief and patina of the original globe into book covers for three Journals with flexible covers and a Pencil Case. 


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