Paperblanks Iron & Twine

Paperblanks Iron & Twine


      Paperblank Iron & Twine Journal Collection

      Prayerbook inspired Journals for quiet contemplation

      Paperblanks celebrates two very useful materials, Iron and Twine, in this collection of journals. Iron can be formed into indestructible objects of all sorts and twine binds everything from rafts to fences and of course books.

      The Paperblanks Iron & Twine covers reproduce the binding of a 1729 prayer book, Treasure of Selected Prayers for the Christian Soul, written by Maria Joseph Clement Kaukol for the then archbishop of Cologne Clemens August.

      Archbishop Clemens liked to give the prayer books to friends to bind friends closer to him. Whether you want to bind someone's gratitude and affection permanently or temporarily , consider this extraordinary example 18th century of German Calligraphy and engraving.


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