Paperblanks Japanese Lacquer

Paperblanks Japanese Lacquer


      Japanese Lacquer Boxes Paperblanks Journal Collection

      Centuries Old Traditional Lacquer Technique Reimagined as Paperblanks Notebooks.

      Radiant and elegant, Japanese lacquerware has enchanted collectors for centuries. First recognized by stone age people as a useful adhesive to mount points on spears and arrows, lacquer comes from the sap of the urushi tree. The Japanese took advantage of its durability and luminosity, using it to decorate wood, baskets and bone objects. With the arrival of Buddhism, artisans in Japan embraced it as a means to honor the deity. Its popularity endures today.

      Inspired by a private collection of lacquer boxes in Tokyo, these Paperblanks’ journals reflect the Maki-e tradition, a technique whereby metallic powder is mixed with the urushi sap to create brilliant designs. You can now add one or more of these works of art to your own private collection.