Paperblanks Lang's Fairy Books

Paperblanks Lang's Fairy Books


      Paperblanks Lang's Fairy Books Notebook Collection

      Shop the complete Collection of Paperblanks Lang's Fairy Books Journals and Pencil Case. Andrew Lang (1844-1912) was a Scottish poet, novelist and anthropologist with a passion for folklore, mythology and religion. He was fascinated by mystical tales from other cultures. Lang contributed to over 200 written works, including English translations of Homer's Odyssey.  

      The images on the Olive and Violet journals come from the first edition copies of Andrew Lang's The Violet Fairy Book and The Olive Fairy Book, which are part of the British Library's archives. Published in 1901 by Lang and illustrated by Henry Justice Ford. 

      Ignite your imagination and love of stories with Paperblanks Lang's Fairy journals.