Paperblanks Monet Embellished

Paperblanks Monet Embellished


      Paperblanks Monet Embellished Manuscripts Journals

      Claude Monet, a superstar of the impressionist movement, created some of the most memorable images in the Arts.

      Paperblanks celebrates this special painter with six new Journals in three sizes available with both lined and blank pages.

      The journals feature either the iconic Monet water lilies image or Monet bridge painting with the text of a letter by Monet to his fellow impressionist Berthe Morissot. The letter dates back to 1888, but the Paperblanks Monet Journals will inspire you to write today. Made with the most advanced printing techniques and bound with eco friendly binder boards these Paperblanks Notebooks will be up to the task.

      Paperblanks finished its Monet Journals with a handy pocket on the inside back pocket and a magnetic front flap to keep your work safe and secure.

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