Paperblanks Peking Opera Journal

Paperblanks Peking Opera Journal


      Paperblanks Peking Opera Embroidery Notebook Collection

      Opera traces its roots to ancient China. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907) Emperor Taizong founded an opera school named Liyuan (Pear Garden) establishing opera's importance in the country. 

      The covers of the Peking Opera Paperblanks Notebooks is taken from a piece of Opera costume skirt from the Qin Court (1644-1911) under which Peking Opera reached its pinnacle. Just like in Elizabethan times in England all the parts were played by male performers including the wearer of this skirt.

      The floral pattern of exquisite flowers is a good representation of an artform that combines the razzle dazzle of big productions with the delicate brush strokes of fine art. This series of journals features Paperblanks classic magnetic flap closure.

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