Paperblanks Silver Filigree

Paperblanks Silver Filigree


      Paperblanks Silver Filigree Journal Collection

      Reminiscent of delicate, twisted threads of silver lace, Paperblanks’ Silver Filigree collection features a filigree pattern designed and handcrafted in Germany around 1800. Purely driven by the desire for decoration and aesthetic pleasure, filigree originated with the Greeks and Phoenicians, reaching the height of its artistry during the Estrucan and Roman periods of the 6th to 3rd centuries BC.

      To make filigree, artists twist fine wire tightly into a rigid pattern. From there, the wire is twisted again and formed into circular, harmonious shapes, which are soldered to each other. Paperblanks’ created its Filigree journals using a base layer of die-cut silver sheets and then meticulously etching elaborate grooves into the surface. The result is a delicate, detailed meditation on the nature of beauty.

      Pretty and polished, Paperblanks’ Silver Filigree journals will adorn your cherished prose with grace and elegance.