Paperblanks Full Size Sketchbooks

Paperblanks Full Size Sketchbooks


      Paperblanks Sketchbook Collection

      A sketchbook is one of the most important tools in an artist’s toolbox. So when Paperblanks set out to introduce their first-ever line of sketchbooks they wanted to be sure they would meet their high standards – and yours!

      Paperblanks sketchbooks feature off-white blank paper with 200 gsm paperweight and are smythe sewn, which means they open flat without much of a gutter. This is great when you are using your sketchbook both in portrait and landscape layout or if you are left handed. 

      This Paperblanks Sketchbook Collection dazzles with with beautifully imprinted and debossed hard cover designs. They are available in Grande size which is a fancy way of saying they are letter sized providing you with plenty of room to sketch.. 

      Paperblanks sketchbooks make for a delightful and inspiring repository of your art.