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      Originating in England, the Arts & Crafts Movement changed the direction of art, architecture and design. Proponents eschewed the opulence and mass production of the Victorian Age, in favor of craftsmanship, simplicity and quality, traits embodied in Paperblanks’ series of William Morris journals.

      William Morris (1834-1896) - artist, writer and textile designer, was one of movements main architects. Inspired by Gothic architecture, nature and the medieval traditions of design, craftsmanship and community, Morris viewed the house as a total work of art. Among his many artistic contributions were classic wallpaper and textile designs still popular today. He resurrected and perfected the use of vegetable dyes and wood blocks to illuminate and print his beautiful work.

      Paperblanks’ journals recreate William Morris’s famous repeating patterns, inspired by nature’s abundance. Each one represents the painstaking care the company takes with every detail, from the memento pouches to the acid free sustainable paper used inside. You need only hold one of these handsome notebooks in your hand to feel the passion and skill that the company’s craftspeople have infused. The embossed covers capture the artist’s complex gradations of color and texture, so lush they’ll inspire depth in your writing.