Cervantes most famous novel Don Quixote inspired Notebook Designs

NEW Paperblanks Cervantes Letter to the King Journals and Pencil Case

Paperblanks Cervantes Journals Showing Don Quixote

Paperblanks celebrates the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), widely regarded as the greatest author in the Spanish language known for his classic novel Don Quixote.

His novel The Ingenious Gentleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha is considered by many as the first modern novel. Translated into over 140 languages the novel was so impactful it added new lexicon to many languages including English with words like "Quixotic" , "Lothario" and expressions like "tilting at windmills". 

Cervantis is one of the titans of western literature and unfortunately most of his manuscripts have been lost to time. Luckily Paperblanks was able to use his handwritten letter to the Spanish King, requesting permission to publish his novel.

Paperblanks Cervantes Journal is beautifully crafted with Paperblanks beloved magnetic flap closure. Cervantes signature graces the front flap, an excerpt of his letter the front cover and a period etching of the famous Don can be found on the back cover.

Paperblanks offers the Cervantes letter to the King hard cover notebooks in two sizes, Ultra 7 x 9 inches and Midi 5 x 7 inches, both with sustainable forest acid free 120 gsm lined paper. Also available a pencil case, whose lid turns into a magnetic stand made of strong cardboard with a magnetic closure.

For lovers of great literature, true romantics and journal writers everywhere the Paperblanks Cervantes Journal is an inspired choice.  

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