New Spring Colors Troika Original Construction Pen

New Spring Colors Troika Original Construction Pen

Troika Original Construction Pen in New Spring Colors. Item PIP20

Troika Construction Multi-Tool Pen Coral and Mat Silver Grey Finish

Troika's much imitated but never replicated original Construction Pen in brass with a cheerful and warm coral finish and a cool silver grey for spring. Its stylus is made of highly sensitive and tear resistant rubber. This ensures a particularly soft and reliable contact with the display of a touchscreen device. Makes the perfect gift for engineers, DIY enthusiasts and of course writers. Nicely balanced with a six sided barrel for a comfortable grip.

Multitasking ballpoint pen with centimeter and inch ruler, 1:20 m and 1:50 m scale, spirit level, slotted and phillips screwdriver and a  stylus, lacquered brass, with black refill carries all available finishes of this classic multi-tool pen.

Troika Construction Multi-Tool Pen in Amazing Finishes

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