Paperblanks Jane Austin Notebooks Review

Paperblanks Jane Austin Notebooks Review

Paperblanks Introduces Jane Austin Journals

Jane Austin Journal Jane Austin Journal by Paperblanks

Celebrating the work and life of beloved novelist Jane Austin.

Just in time for the Holidays Paperblanks has introduced new notebooks celebrating the work and life of beloved novelist Jane Austin. The English novelist did not achieve fame in her lifetime, but her examinations of domestic issues, romance, marriage and her sense of humor have made her a widely read, translated and taught author. Of course most of us know her from the movie versions of her novels, where actors get to go period and try out their best English accents.

Product Specifications & Styles

Paperblanks published two sizes the 144 page Ultra 7 x 9" and the mini which measures 4 x 5-1/2" and has 176 pages. Each journal also has the magnetic flap closure, which we know is very popular with Paperblanks users.
For the cover Paperblanks imprinted and embossed a reproduction from the manuscript of the 1818 novel Persuasion and for the back a period drawing of Jane Austin, which was drawn by her sister.
All the usual features are present such as the storage pocket on the inside back cover, a ribbon page marker, high quality paper and the high standard of finish and quality Paperblanks is known for.


To quote good old Jane: "How quick come the reasons for approving what we like!"  A great gift for an (aspiring) writer.

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