Paperblanks Declaration of Independence

Paperblanks Declaration of Independence

Paperblanks and New York Public Library Present Declaration of Independence Collection

Paperblanks Declaration of Independence Journals and Document Folders

Paperblanks created the Declaration of Independence collection of journals in two sizes, Grande 8.25 inch wide by 11.75 inch tall and Ultra 7 inch wide by 9 inch tall, and a document folder that fits up to 40 pages.

Paperblanks worked together with the New York Public Library who hold this rare important historic document in trust. The Library features it prominently in the Polonsky Exhibition.

The notebook covers feature a reproduction of a copy of the declaration written by Thomas Jefferson in the days following July 4th, 1776.

The declaration of independence is not just the founding document of The United States, but it also is a powerful and influential statement on human rights and self governance. A document with high aspirations worth striving for, despite being drawn up by fallible human beings, who may not have lived up to the spirit of the document itself.

A daily reminder to correct the mistakes of the past and strive for a more perfect union in which all Americans are truly equal.

Now you can own a bit of living history, find inspiration and strive for an ever more perfect union.

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