Celebrating 50 Years of Laurel Burch

Celebrating 50 Years of Laurel Burch

Celebrating 50 Years of Laurel Burch: A Special Partnership

We are thrilled to announce a special collaboration between Paperblanks, Laurel Burch Studios, and Totemic Brands in celebration of 50 years of Laurel Burch's artistic legacy. This extraordinary partnership brings you reproductions of the vivid and vibrant paintings by the internationally renowned artist.

Paperblanks Laurel Burch Wild Flower Collection

Expanding the Laurel Burch Collection for Spring 2024

As part of lovenotebooks commitment to providing you with the Paperblanks Notebook Collection and sharing Laurel's enduring legacy with the world, we are excited to unveil two new designs for Spring 2024. These designs showcase some of Laurel Burch's most beloved themes, namely, Celestial Magic and Wild Flowers.

Paperblanks Laurel Burch Celastial Magic Journal Collection

Introducing Celestial Magic

About Laurel Burch

Laurel Burch's life was marked by resilience and creativity. Growing up in an unstable home and facing a genetic condition that made her bones prone to snapping, Laurel overcame adversity with remarkable strength. Settling in San Francisco as a 19-year-old single mom during the turbulent 1960s, she crafted a livelihood by creating unique jewelry in her kitchen.

A Journey from Jewelry to Art

Her jewelry, crafted from discarded pieces of metal, beads, and other found objects, achieved immense success. A self-taught artist, Laurel expanded her creative endeavors into painting and business, achieving great success in both realms. Despite living with chronic pain and frequent hospital stays, Laurel was determined to infuse her art with a unique, positive, and vibrant perspective on life.

Embracing Laurel Burch's Uplifting Legacy

Laurel Burch's art continues to serve as an uplifting force for good. With each artwork, she sought to spread positivity and vibrancy, leaving an indelible mark on the art world. Explore our Spring 2024 collection and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Laurel Burch.

Experience Laurel Burch's Timeless Magic

Join us in commemorating 50 years of Laurel Burch's artistic brilliance. Discover the enchantment of Celestial Magic and Wild Flowers as we expand the Laurel Burch Collection. Immerse yourself in the positive and vibrant spirit that defines Laurel Burch's enduring legacy by making Laurel Burch part of your personal notebook collection

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