Jaques Herbin 1670 Bottled Fountain Pen Ink Caroube de Chypre
Jacques Herbin 1670 Bottled Ink with Gold Shimmer Color Caroube de Chypre 50ml
Jacques Herbin 1670 Bottled Ink with Gold Shimmer Color Caroube de Chypre 50ml
Jacques Herbin 1670 Bottled Ink with Gold Shimmer Color Caroube de Chypre 50ml
Jacques Herbin 1670 Bottled Ink with Gold Shimmer Color Caroube de Chypre 50ml

Jacques Herbin 1670 Bottled Ink with Gold Shimmer Color Caroube de Chypre 50ml


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Create writing and calligraphy with shimmering flair with Jacques Herbin 1670 Carob Brown ink. Dazzle with unexpected brown hues and a thousand sparkling shimmers.

Caroube de Chypre (Carob of Cyprus) is inspired by the deep brown hues of carob pods. Carob is a tree native to the Mediterranean that carries fruit pods. The fruit pods are believed to have health benefits and it is rumored the Jacques Herbin was a big fan. We believe writing has health benefits too so Mr. Herbin may have been on to something.

Jacques Herbin 1670 bottled ink contains an brown fountain pen ink with gold flecks mixed in to create a shimmering effect in your writing, conveying luxury and an air of the unexpected as your writing reveals itself before you on the page.

This ink is suitable for all nib sizes, Shake well before each use.

Packaged in a beautiful glass bottle with a wax seal and a flexible resealable cap. Besides the high quality of the ink, the elaborate design of the packaging makes this ink a wonderful gift for fountain pen and calligraphy practitioners.

Product Features

  • Jacques Herbin bottled ink with gold shimmer
  • Color Brown: Brown with gold flecks
  • 50 ml
  • Packaging glass bottle with wax seal and flexible resealable cap with decorative cardboard gift box
  • Made in France
  • GTIN 3188555150450


Shimmering inks contain very small metal flakes to create a sparkling look. Please shake ink before use. When using the ink in your pen slowly roll the pen in your hand from time to time for a more even shimmering effect.  In some cases depending on your pen you may experience restricted ink flow. Please clean nib and pen after use of this ink


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Made in France Since 1670


Maison Herbin was established in Paris when King Louis XIV was only 32 years old— The business sold sealing wax, fine stationery imported inks and imported shellac from India. In 1798 the Maison launched production of its own writing ink on the initiative of JACQUES HERBIN, a 4th generation member of the founding family. Centuries of production of award winning fine ink followed until the present day. Jacques Herbin is the oldest Ink manufacturer in the world.

Wide Range of Colors
Bottled Ink & Cartridges

Jacques Herbin company prides itself on offering a large palette of 35 writing ink colors. Often with whimsical French names,
Its inks are formulated for everyday use with fountain pens and
rollerball pens. Herbin inks are carefully filtered and prevent inks from clogging your pen

Color & Texture

Herbin inks are of exceptional quality continuously tested over centuries. Known the world over for their rich color and incredible texture.

Herbin inks are mostly water with a rich dye, a humectant to limit drying
at the nib and a preservative to ensure their inks stand the test of time.


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